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July 19, 2011 / stephanie

Birds repurpose your old basketball hoop

Check out these two innovative ways how urban birds use basketballs hoops!

look closer..

American Robin nest

This pair of Robins shown in the pictures successfully raised their brood by nesting on this basketball hoop. They decided that they liked the nest location so much that they would try the same place for clutch #2 and again they were successful! It seemed so out in the open, you’d think they’d be a prime target for predators like hawks and crows that use visual cues to find food. But maybe “check the basketball hoop” isn’t part of the typical avian predator’s search pattern.

American Goldfinch female collects nesting material

I’ve been spotting more and more goldfinches acting “nesty” lately! The American Goldfinch’s prime time for breeding is July & August, while many other breeding birds are just wrapping up their season. Goldfinches like the female shown above, just love super soft materials. Many people will put out balls of cotton to lure these lemony yellow birds into their yards. But without cotton balls, these crafty birds will be sure to find their own sources of fiber.

Goldfinches really like soft, cottony textured materials for their nests


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